Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software Review

Compressing and decompressing files often seems like a simple process that any computer should be able to do. That is somewhat true; a lot of computers on the market today do include pre-installed compression software. But not all software is created equal.

When changing the way that something is stored in order to save space or organize your files, you want to consider if there is any data loss happening and how you can best prevent any problems from occurring with your files.

Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software is one of the well-reviewed options when it comes to compression tools. Does that make it the right choice for you? A close examination of what it has to offer should help you to make that final decision easily.

Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software

The Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software is an advanced compression and decompression tool which allows you to store, share, and encrypt files in very specific ways with ease and efficiency.

Corel WinZip 23 Pro - File Compression & Decompression [PC Disc] - Old V

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Who Is This Product For?

While some people might think that they do not need the Corel WinZip 23 Pro Software when they could use a free zip tool, we’ve found that this tool is a great choice for everyone who is willing to learn how to use it. That’s right. If you can learn to use this tool, we think that it can make a difference in your life.

The software has a lot of features which help you to clear up and organize your storage so that you don’t have to do that later, and that itself can make a huge difference in how you use it. Plus, it’s very easy to learn how to use once you go through the basic functions of the program itself.

What’s Included?

This WinZip download purchase gives you access to the WinZip 23 Pro program, which you can then install on your computer.

Corel WinZip 23 Pro - File Compression & Decompression [PC Disc] - Old Version - commissions earned
  • Unzip anything -- quickly extract content from the industry's widest selection of compressed file types, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Zip, Bz2, lha/lzh, vhd/vdmk, xz
  • New! Set expiration dates for files/folders -- stop cluttering your storage with shared files and backups. Zip files and log files can be conveniently scheduled for deletion
  • New! Expand the preview pane -- With the click of a button, enjoy more space for previewing file content, zooming in and out, and viewing in the new best fit and actual size options
  • New! Perform file Conversion before zipping -- gain more space and security. Winzip’s Conversion can now be used with the job Wizard on files Prior to it zipping them
  • New! Create new jobs from existing jobs -- don’t waste time creating your jobs from scratch. Save time by cloning and modifying an existing WinZip job

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Overview of Features

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff: the features! If you are familiar with basic WinZip programs, you’ll be excited to find out about some of the more advanced features that are available in a program like WinZip23.

In addition to being able to do all the basic compression, decompression, sharing, and encryption that you expect from a zip program, this one can do even more.

  • Scheduled Deletion of File

First, you can schedule your compressed files to delete themselves at a certain time. If you’re compressing a file to share it before a meeting that is happening in two weeks, you don’t want to keep that compressed file in your storage for another two years! Instead, you can schedule it for deletion.

  • Hidden Data Removal

Another bonus is that you can use the program to easily remove hidden EXIF data. These data, which store personal information in it, are often accidentally shared by those who don’t realize it is even there. The program makes it easy to find and remove those.

  • File Renaming

Using the program, you can rename many files at one time, which is another way to save on efficiency as you prepare your work.

  • Special Settings

A standout feature that might be the best one of all is that you can set up what are known as WinZip Express settings. With these settings, you can repeat the way that you encrypt or compress something over and over again by simply saving those settings and then reusing them at a later time.

  • Scheduled File and Folder Cleaning

WinZip 23 allows for enhanced file and folder cleaning to happen when you are not working on your computer. You can schedule these tools to automatically address your system’s condition when you are not using your computer.

The Benefits of Using a Compression Program

Many people aren’t sure if they need to use a program like the Corel WinZip 23 Pro regularly enough to invest in a paid option when there are many basic and free alternatives online.

Simply put, compression programs can help to protect your important documents, organize your files, and help your computer run more smoothly when the files are made smaller. Even though there are ways that you could use free software to do these things, none of them work as effectively or quickly.

Additionally, you really should think about protecting your internet and computer security, and WinZip can help you do just that. From protecting password documents in a secure file to compressing and encrypting files that include personal financial information, WinZip makes it simple and logical to protect your information.

If you remember using WinZip back in the day, this new Corel version is still much of the same. It is just upgraded to be able to protect your data from more modern threats than the programmers of old could have imagined might become issues.


Corel WinZip 21 Pro Software (on USB Flash Drive)

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This program isn’t going to be the right choice for everyone, and that’s okay! There are a few alternatives that might work better for you instead.

If you would prefer to spend a little bit less money but are interested in what type of program Corel offers, you might want to get WinZip 21 instead. While this is an outdated version that won’t run quite as fast, it still offers a lot of the same functionality as the 23 Pro version.

There aren’t many other alternatives to WinZip programs other than different versions of the same program. WinZip has been around for a long time, and Corel took over the product to continue improving it. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can find a different version throughout their WinZip line.


Overall, WinZip 23 Pro is an incredibly smart investment. It is worth the buy, and it is worth learning how to use! You can save yourself storage space, organize your files, share files quickly, and even protect your personal data simply by using this software effectively.

The software, as good as it might be, cannot do anything unless you learn how to use it! Thankfully, WinZip is very intuitive and includes manuals which will help to make your learning move along even more quickly. Are you ready to start compressing and encrypting?

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