10 Best apps for seniors

What’s the difference between apps for seniors and apps for people of middle age? Nothing! The notion that seniors may be less tech-savvy or less web savvy is an antiquated joke that went out with the Beverly Hillbillies.

The 10 best apps for seniors listed in this article are noted for being the most popular with people over the age of 50. They include the most common everyday use apps with the exception of games. Gaming apps weren’t included on this list because the range is so wide, and games are more about taste than practicality.




People loved the idea of SMS when it first came out. It allowed users to send quick and simple messages to whomever they wished. Times have changed. Now you can send text, images, videos and GIFs very quickly and for free.

This app doesn’t ask for excessive amounts of information, and it too is completely free. You have to watch what you say because the communications are supervised by third-party software, but your privacy is assured so long as you don’t do something silly such as send pictures of your credit cards over the WhatsApp system.

When you take a photo, you can use the share button in your gallery and send it to people on WhatsApp that way. Alternatively, you can start within a WhatsApp chat, and enter your gallery and select a picture you want to send.

What’s more, if you do the same thing for videos, you can actually edit the video within the WhatsApp app. For example, if you take a video of your dog howling, but the howling footage is at the very last 20 seconds of the 10-minute video, you can use the WhatsApp video editor to cut out everything but the last 20 seconds of the video.

YouTube App


You’re probably going to use YouTube quite a bit, be it for general entertainment, or because you tapped a link on Google. No matter what your reasons, the free YouTube app is very convenient.

It loads up more quickly than the browser version of YouTube, and auto-logs you in. This means you don’t have to log in to see 18+ videos. Plus, you can set it to notify you when the people you subscribed to have uploaded their videos. Furthermore, you can save videos to watch later.

You can set your YouTube app to give you notifications too. For example, it’s auto-set to give you notifications if somebody comments on something you’re following. Also, if you’re watching something and tap to leave the YouTube video, it still gives you the option to screen-cast your video to your closest TV. This means you can leave the bathroom after watching part of a video, and have the rest of it play in the living room before you even enter the room.

Job App


Wait a minute. How’s a new job app going to help seniors? The great thing about this international job app is that it also plays host to high-level executive jobs, of which seniors are most qualified for. Plus, it features plenty of part-time jobs that may suit retired persons. It has an AI learning feature that ensures the listings aren’t filled with spam postings.

The Job App is moderated and marketed so that more than just recruiters add jobs to its inventory, which is a stark change from the established norm in the job vacancy app world. This app is also backed by several blue-chip companies and news syndicators. For that reason, it’s likely to be around for many years to come.



Got an ache, pain, bulge or bump that you’re worried about? If so, don’t scroll through hundreds of Google pages. Simply open up your WebMD app and enter your query. It doesn’t just deal with life threatening illnesses; it has libraries full of medical information.

It can tell you the side effects of drugs, or tell you why your baby grandchildren are spitting up after a burping. The WebMD app is loaded with accessible information. The text and images have also been Smartphone optimized, which may be helpful if you’re having technical issues with your web browser and are unable to see or read the text on their mobile website.



Ever had an idea that’s so simple, you wonder why nobody thought of it before? The EyeReader is just that. It allows you to use the camera function on your phone as a magnifying glass. You start up the app and point it at your text. It zooms in on the text to whatever level you desire, and cleans it up so that it’s not blurry or distorted.

But can’t you do this with your regular Smartphone camera? No, you can’t. Your regular camera is always trying to focus, which makes reading with it a very difficult task. Whereas the EyeReader app makes your Smartphone screen look and act just like a magnifying glass.



The days of notepads and pens are gone. If you’re looking to store your thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists these days, then you need Smartphone note-taking app. Now, it’s true that the Evernote system is just a little too complex for its own good. The developers have obviously tried to shove in one too many features. However, if you learn how to use Evernote, then you’ll find it to be a very convenient and easy-to-use note taking system. You may store your notes, arrange them, and even add in images, videos and audio too. This converts your note-taking app into a voice memo app too.



Do you have kids or grandkids asking you for money? Transferring between banks is no easy feat, even if you have the correct banking app. Plus, transferring using a bank or credit union probably means using ACH, which means the transfers take at least one day.

If you have the PayPal app, you can transfer money from your PayPal account to somebody else’s PayPal app within seconds.

Having the app won’t help you pay for things online because most online checkouts run you straight to PayPal without having to open the app, but if you have the app, then you can sign up for one-touch. This means you can order things on your phone, use PayPal to pay, without ever needing enter your password because the app does it for you.

Amazon Kindle


Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Contrary to popular belief, the Kindle app isn’t a paid app. There’s a Kindle service that you can pay for, which gives you access to thousands of books without having to pay for them individually.

But, the Kindle app itself is free. If you buy Kindle books, you can store them in your app for easy access later, and you can download and read free books too. The app is more than a storage program, it also allows you to flip between your e-book pages, a little like reading a paper-based book. Plus, the app is very lightweight, which means it loads quickly and doesn’t lag, freeze, or crash.

Google App


If anything, the Google app is just a timesaver. Rather than clicking your internet app and then having it navigate you to some far-left holding website, the Google app puts you straight onto Google. You may then use the Google app as your smartphone’s web browser, which includes all the standard features like saving favorites, web history, and so forth.

If you use the Google app, it will automatically sign you in to your Google account too. This means that if you navigate to some of Google’s web browser tools, you’ll be auto-signed into those too. Some of their tools include Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, and even Google’s Cloud tools.



The Skype app allows you to view other Skype users with its video chat function. It’s free, unless you’re transmitting overseas. Since your Smartphone already has audio/visual capabilities, there’s no need to buy extra technology.

Plus, it doesn’t ask for epic amounts of information, it only asks for your Skype password and access to your camera and your contacts. If you have family dotted all around the country, then Skype helps you stay in touch without costing you a fortune. Plus, thanks to modern-stable internet connections, this video-chatting app works better than ever.

Which 10 Best App for Seniors Should You Choose?

Luckily for you, all the apps listed in this article are free. There are some that charge for premium services, but the free services are good enough to stand on their own.

For example, the YouTube Premium service is just another way of getting rid of the annoying YouTube adverts.

Even the PayPal payment app is free to use if you transfer money using the “Friends and family” function rather than the bill-paying function. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t download and try all the apps featured on this 10 best apps for seniors article.



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