Best Amazon Black Friday Software Deals

Each Black Friday Amazon has some great deals and this year is no different, however the software category doesn’t usually include as many offers.

There are offers from Microsoft, Adobe and H&R Block but the below 2 are our picks for this year.

Turbo Tax Premier + State

First up we have is TurboxTax Premier available as an Amazon Exclusive PC Download.

The Premier edition is recommended if you sold stocks, mutual funds or own rental property.

I have used this in the past and it gently guides you through the filing process. There is a lot of laborious clicking but it does take the pain out of tax filing.

If you have used Turbo Tax in the past then you should be able to transfer your details from the previous year, however this is never as easy as it should be, so be prepared for some manual input.

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McAfee Total Protection

You can currently pickup a 5 device license for McAfee Total Protection at a very good price. Its a 1 year subscription so if you are worried about ongoing costs you can shut off auto-renewal.

Although they are a necessity in this day and age, anti-virus software can come with their own problems, so be warned.

If you don’t currently have anti-virus for your smartphone then this may be an option to try at the current price.

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You can compare with other anti-virus offers right now such as this one from No products found.

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