Best Bookmark Managers

If you are an active internet user, you’re likely to sift through piles of data every day. You’ll want to save the good content and you do that with your browser’s bookmark feature. Every browser has its own bookmarks feature, but none of them floats anybody’s boat.

Enter bookmark managers. These are cool tools that help you organize your saved pages and websites. Of course, there are lots of bookmark managers today, and it’s up to you to choose the perfect one for your needs. And here’s some help with that. Please find before you a list of the best bookmark managers around the web.



Pocket is marketed as “the save button for the web.” First and foremost, Pocket is a tool that helps you save videos, articles, and any other type of web content. Although this tool does a great job as a bookmark manager, it is so much more than that.

For one, it can be used as a discovery platform in that it allows the user to browse content that’s relevant to them. This includes the content of major publications, curators, and writers.

Perhaps the best thing about Pocket is the responsive design that also allows for offline viewing. This means that even if you’re not connected to the internet, you’ll still be able to access your saved content.

Pocket is available as an iOS or Android app. It’s always available as an extension for all the major browsers and platforms.


This bookmark manager specializes in the management of your personal knowledge. It makes it easy to access the relevant web links, which subsequently improve your productivity and workflow.

Despite the wonderful knowledge library, Diigo’s top selling point is the ease of use. It’s very intuitive and you’ll be learning your ropes the moment you take a look at the app’s promotional video. You can use Diigo to build your personal library in the cloud. You can stuff it with notes, pages, links, pictures, and a variety of other content for later access wherever you are (assuming internet access).

Diigo can work as a virtual desktop. It allows you to attach sticky notes, digital highlights, and screenshots to webpages, which can be of tremendous help to your productivity and workflow. Yes, this means that instead of sticky notes all over your desk or something, you’ll find these notes right on the screen whenever you go back to that webpage.

Finally, with the cloud service, Diigo is also designed as a collaboration tool – you can create groups to share resources and whatnot.

In terms of organizational capacity, there aren’t many bookmark managers that can match Like all other bookmark managers, this one allows you to bookmark webpages, articles, photos, and such. You can bookmark them in a folder or subfolder. However, it’s the storage of these bookmarks that sets this app apart.

Inspired by social media tags, the creators of integrated a tag system in this bookmark manager. This means that you can freely organize your bookmarks in a custom fashion. For instance, let’s say you use the tag “2019 project” on a particular project, photo, webpage, article, etc.

You’ll be able to summon all of that stuff in if you search for “2019 project.” And you don’t need anyone to tell you that this has the potential to save you a lot of time. Use these tag labels and you’ll find your way around the web quickly and easily.

You can also share your bookmarks with other people and work together with them. Collaboration features have been built into


Lasso is a flashy bookmark manager and it isn’t shy about talking about it either.

The best thing about Lasso is its dashboard. This thing is clean, easy to use, and incredibly helpful for organizing your saved content. In fact, the dashboard is like a social media platform in a way. And what’s a social platform if not for the sharing capability? Needless to say, you can share your bookmarks with team members, friends, and customers. On top of that, you can also share with your followers.

Yes, Lasso allows you to follow others and be followed. As such, you can even use it for promotion to a certain extent. This is not something that you can get with any old bookmark manager. Even if one is to incorporate a follower system, you might find that it pales in comparison to Lasso – that’s how good it is.

Many people use Lasso for collaboration and resource sharing and they’re happy about it. If you want to get creative with your bookmarks, you might want to Lasso them.

No bookmark manager is perfect, but you could say that is something special. Yes, it allows you to save bookmarks, images, and all that jazz. But it’s the ability to create content pages and newsletters from the saved links that’s so great about

And get this! With, you can save the content from all over the web and then personalize them by adding a description, changing the title, and swapping in an image. And after you make it sufficiently different, you can lift the whole thing for use as a content page on your website!

With this tool, you can save everything from blogs and article links to white papers, cloud files, and social media posts.

When saving content using, you have two options. Adding it to your personal link library or to one of your collections that you wish to share with everyone.

Another cool thing about this bookmark manager is the built-in RSS Feed Reader. This allows you to add RSS feeds to and read them according to your preferences and without any distractions or ads.

Chrome Bookmark Manager

Wait, doesn’t Chrome already have a bookmark manager built in? Yes, but there’s also a Bookmark Manager extension that will help improve your productivity.

Chrome Bookmark Manager isn’t anything flashy and it’s not loaded with some jaw-dropping tools. What it does offer is simplicity. It helps you to save favorite and useful links in an efficient fashion. It also works perfectly with Google Search, which makes filtering files a breeze.

This extension is very easy to use. It’s from the folks that bring us Chrome, right? And you don’t even have to sign in to your Google account to use it.

If you are a Chrome user and not after any sophisticated bookmark managers, there’s no reason not to install Chrome Bookmark Manager and improve your experience. It is a step-up over Chrome’s vanilla built-in manager and it pulls this off without making things too complicated.

World of Bookmark Managers

Each of the above is a highly competent bookmark manager in its own right. It depends on what you’re looking for really. Are you looking for a platform that allows you to share bookmarks and collections with your followers? Or perhaps a simple, easy-to-use manager extension/app that you learn quickly?

Maybe even something in between or entirely different? In any case, one or more of the above will work for you and you may find that all of them are way better than the native bookmark managers.


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