Best File Organizer Software

The idea of organizing documents and files on a PC is similar to using filing cabinets and paper, but are easier and more efficient to retrieve with the best file organizer software. File organizing utilities basically work by creating a catalog of all your files and folders, and allow you to search and retrieve them when needed via natural or advanced search queries.

There are a few factors to consider when looking for the best file organizer software for your needs including compatibility with your PC operating system and support for the types of files you’d like to organize. However, choosing the best file organizer software may be confusing, owing to the plethora of options available. But here are three great options that will make your file organization tasks a sheer joy.

Best File Organizer Software Reviews

Paperport 14 Standard

Kofax Paperport 14 St

Kofax Paperport 14 Standard - commissions earned
  • Get your personal documents organized in one place
  • Anywhere anytime access to your files using iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Improve scanning time and efficiency get it done with the press of a button
  • Gather, view, assemble, and share PDF documents with simple drag and drop
  • Create and fill out electronic forms quickly and neatly

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Paperport 14 Standard bills itself as the world’s favorite PC document management software, and is available in two versions – as a PC Disc or OC Download. Paperport 14 works brilliantly to provide access to your files anytime, anywhere, and on iPhone, iPad or Android devices with its Nuance Cloud Connector.

With regards to organizational skills, Paperport 14 wins the gold with its one-button scanning technology and visual document desktop, which when pressed creates clear and large thumbnails of all your documents that you can then access and stack like paper.

The Nuance Cloud Connector application is designed to provide instant access to myriad cloud services including Google Docs,, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, and much more. In addition, it allows you to access files in the Paperport directory and perform a variety of tasks directly in the cloud including scanning, stacking, or unstacking PDF files, and creating PDF files.

The feature-rich Paperport 14 file organizer’s Send to Connector desktop enhancement can be used to create a new note, drag-and-drop files to the connector, add a document to an existing note, or right click on the tab to retrieve the files attached to a respective note, and copy them to the Paperport 14 desktop.

It supports a wide range of document types including receipts, photos, and paper documents, and mated with several different devices such as mobile scanners, all-in-one printers, desktop scanners and much more. This makes your documents management tasks easier, efficient and quicker equating to more productivity.

Just like its leading organizational skills, searching for files is literally a joy, where you simply enter keywords or phrases into the desktop search, and locate any digital PDF’s you’ve created from digital files and scanned paper documents. To top the list, Paperport 14 is easy to set up, and once fired up will provide you will instant access to all your documents from a single user-friendly application.


  • Works with several devices and platforms iPad and Android
  • Compatible with Evernote and Nuance Cloud Connector.
  • Creates large and clear thumbnails
  • Converts paper to text in one easy step
  • Easy to set up and use


User interface may not be aesthetically pleasing to some users

Speedy Organizer “The Digital File Cabinet for Windows”

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Filing is an essential clerical task that can be monotonous to say the least, but the Speedy Organizer, “The Digital File Cabinet for Windows” utility, simply put, automates the process and makes it easy and somewhat enjoyable.

It is designed to work with Windows operating systems, and is not to be confused with scanning software, because it only does a remarkable job at organizing documents. Created by users, this piece of organizer software is regarded as the most fuss-free, simple-to-use digital filing system that falls short in the feature department.

It enables you to index, catalog and archive an unlimited number of documents or digital files. Adding to this, the archived files are stored safely and securely in a central location (repository), and can be retrieved anytime searching for simple keywords, advanced searching or even full text searching (text inside the documents).

Documents stored in the Speedy Organizer repository can be secured and monitored in several different ways including file cabinet password protection, check in/out times, version control, logged user activities, document reporting, audit trail and logs and much more.

One of the noteworthy reasons it slots in at the No. 2 position on this list of best file organizer software is because it works seamlessly with any digital copier, scanner, MFP and can store any type of file. Using Speedy Organizer is similar to a traditional metal file cabinet, where you can create digital file cabinets for different sets of documents.

You can even use the software to set up file cabinets and grant access to only certain users or deny access to a certain set of documents. These file cabinets can be loaded with up to an impressive 5,000 documents at one time, and without typing even a single letter.

Furthermore, Speedy Organizer supports several leading cloud services including Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, so your documents will be easily accessible on your local machine and in the cloud. If you’re looking for file organization software that works on all Windows editions, and comes with award-worthy features, Speedy Organizer is truly hard to beat.


  • Dependable, efficient, secure and scalable
  • Works with any scanner, digital copier or MFP and file type
  • Offers several controls including login protection
  • Ability to index, catalog and archive unlimited documents
  • Compatible with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive


Does not support Windows OS

Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite for PC

Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite [PC Disc]

Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite [PC Disc] - commissions earned
  • Assemble, edit, and create PDFs with this Easy to use, all in 1 PDF creator
  • Open and view over 100 file types, without purchasing additional Software
  • Drag and drop Multiple different file types into 1 PDF document
  • Easily add new text and comments to PDFs
  • Share Your created documents with anyone in PDF, PDF/A, XPS or MicroSoft Word formats

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The Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite is a powerful Windows-based organizer software, and is an ideal choice for cost-efficient creation of documents in PDF format – a format that can be accessed across PCs and several different types of operating systems.

This software is designed to convert any document from an app that doesn’t reside on your PC such as DOC or XPS to PDF or other format that’s easily readable. It rings in with an extensive list of features, most notably the ability to put together a bespoke document from docs originally written in varying formats, add hyperlinks, highlights or any other type of annotations, and then share this reconfigured document in PDF format.

With regards to number of formats, Fusion by Corel supports over 100 different file formats including approximately 50 different word processors, and many image formats. Adding to this, it supports myriad office productivity packages including versions for both Windows and Mac.

The Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface, from where you can open and automatically convert documents via right-hand navigation bar. And once opened, you can easily toggle between three different views to reads and access them.


  • Supports over 100 file formats
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports several office productivity packages
  • Can convert any document from an app that isn’t installed on your PC
  • Ability to share your created documents PDF, PDF/A, XPS or Microsoft Word formats


Runs only on Windows, not on Mac or mobile OS

Final Thoughts

For file organizer software that will make your tasks more efficient and easier, you can’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned options. All three software options are compatible with all Windows OS editions, and come with several key features including access to your files anytime, compatibility with mobile scanners, and easy search and retrieval of documents.

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