Best Website to Download User Manuals

A user manual is something you never really need until you desperately do. And in most cases, that’s when you realize that you’ve either misplaced it or thrown it out a long time ago.

A user manual can be the one thing that stops you from getting rid of a device you’d otherwise still be able to use. If only there were a way to get a copy of the manual.

Not to worry, as the internet has your back. We’ve reviewed some of the websites to download user manuals, and the best part is that they’re all completely free.




When you’re setting out to find a user manual, your first stop should be ManualsLib. It’s exactly what it claims to be, a massive user manual library.

It’s the place to visit even when you’re absolutely certain that there’s no way that a particular user manual can be found. With a library of over four million PDF user manuals and nearly three million products, ManualsLib is likely to deliver what you’re looking for.

It features over 90,000 brands you can browse alphabetically, or you can simply type in what you’re looking for in the search bar. To view or download a user manual, you need to create an account using email or Facebook login.

When you create an account, you can save all user manuals there, so you have them in one place. You can also print them online, without saving them to your computer first.

As a registered user, you can use ManualsLib to upload any missing user manuals if you want. All downloads are free of charge. If you’re using an Android device, you can also download the ManualsLib mobile app for more convenient access.


ManualsOnline is a website where you can find user manuals for products ranging from baby products to power tools. And every home appliance and gadget in between is probably there as well.

The database is more than impressive, with over 700,000 PDF manuals. The website’s interface is very user-friendly with the search box right at the center.

You can select the category and browse through manuals by narrowing down the search if you’re not sure of the model you’re looking for.

And if you are, you can type in all the details, and hopefully, the manual will be there. You can download the manual or view it online.

You can also create an account using email or Facebook and store all the manuals. The free account also lets you become part of an online community.

ManualsOnline has a forum where you can discuss any problem you can’t find a solution to. Finally, ManualsOnline provides a link to the manufacturer’s website if you can’t find the manual you are looking for.


SafeManuals doesn’t hide the fact that they want you to upload manuals and expand their library. They are all about normalizing and encouraging user manual distribution.

They check all the manuals received, so you know that the available ones are correct and up-to-date. At the moment, SafeManuals has nearly a million PDF manuals and close to 6,000 brands.

The user interface is rather simple but clean and intuitive. You can use the search bar to type in exactly what you’re looking for or just enter the info you know and try to find the manual.

When the user manual that you requested is located, the site will display a box with all the details. It will show you the brand and category of the item you’re looking for.

As well as the number of pages, size of the file, and even the language of the manual. If you want to download the manual, select “Get Manual” and go through the Captcha process. Alternatively, you can view the manual online.

Internet Archive

There’s a resource that not many people think of when looking for manuals, and that’s the Internet Archive. When you need to dig up a user manual for an older appliance, this is the place to visit.

The Internet Archive has been around for nearly three decades, and it’s been archiving magazines, books, videos, and even user manuals.

It’s also a place where you can find user manuals for stuff like vending machines and electronic musical instruments. You can browse by year, topic, collection, language, and brand.

The Internet Archive User Manual Library has nearly 250,000 items, and you can view them online or download them to your device.

Here’s a great perk of using the Internet Archive – the download format is not just PDF. If you want, you can download user manuals in Kindle format, epub, or even just plain text.


Scribd might be better known as the online library for textbooks and legal and other documents, but it’s actually a fantastic source for user manuals.

The whole idea of Scribd is to encourage document sharing, so you’re very likely to find a user manual you need there. You might be thinking that this sounds great, but doesn’t Scribd charge a monthly fee?

Yes, it does, and you can sign up if you want to. But that’s not the only way to download something from Scribd. If you go to the website and search for a manual and if it’s available, Scribd will let you check out a page or two before it asks you to become a member. But it also allows you to download that file for free if you upload a PDF file of your own.

So, if you have something that other Scribd users might find useful, you can use the opportunity to exchange it for the user manual you’re looking for. But even if you don’t have anything special, you can upload any PDF file and then download the user manual.

Find What You Are Looking for

Some people keep every user manual they’ve ever had and then don’t have to worry about looking for it online. Others keep it for a little while and then decide it’s time to get rid of it, maybe they’re moving or think it’s not needed anymore.

Usually, around then is when it turns out that they do actually need it, and panic might ensue. Fortunately, there are many online sources for user manuals, and some of the best are listed above. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and have it always available when you need it.


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