Best Windows 10 Screensavers

Invented as a screen burn protection for CRT monitors, screensavers have become one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your screen.

Hang on as we take you on a journey past some of the most eye-catching Windows 10 screensavers.


IMAX Hubble 3D

Those who own a high-resolution monitor should definitely try this screensaver.

You’re getting animations that feature astronomical objects and mind-blowing images from the Hubble telescope. Moreover, the screensaver is free.

System 47

Are you a Star Trek fan? If so, this screensaver may be just what you’re looking for.

It features a replica of the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) interface straight out of the series. You get 8 animations and System 47 randomly lined up, as if it’s searching for coordinates.

Not only that, but this is a fully customizable screensaver, and it even allows you to include a personalized crew roster.

Apple TV Aerial Views

Yes, Windows users can get Apple screensavers. As the name suggests, the screensaver comprises aerial views of places like Hawaii, New York, China, San Francisco, and more.

They update automatically and change according to the time of the day. For instance, in the evening you’ll have the San Francisco cityscape at night.

Electric Sheep

This screensaver is beautiful, customizable, and smart. Started as a community art project, the screensaver appears to have an infinite number of images.

How smart is it exactly? Now, whenever a PC it’s installed on goes to sleep, it can connect to other computers in the Electric Sheep community. This creates one-of-a-kind abstract animations and you get to vote for your favorite.

The animations that get the most votes also get to live longer and reproduce.


Fliqlo is a full-function but minimalist flip clock that might just be perfect for an office PC.

This screensaver is free and customizable. Among other things, you can change the clock’s size and on-screen positioning.

Living Marine Aquarium 2

If you own a really good high-resolution monitor, you’re going to look like you have an aquarium in your room.

On this screensaver, 18 species of fish and sea creatures go about their business among corals, anemone, and other sea flora. There are three aquariums to choose and you can change the settings and the number of fish.

Matrix Screensaver

A classic with a twist, you get the signature falling code from the movie only that you can change the code’s cipher density, speed, and font.

In addition, there is an option to type a coded message to appear on the screen and that might just show up like a decoding animation.


Legos fans will surely like Briblo. And in a way, this screensaver combines Lego blocks and Tetris. Once the screensaver is on, you can use the arrow keys to position the falling bricks and create a unique design.

Briblo also allows you to create your own stacks, which form automatically. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most customizable and interactive screensavers for Windows 10.

Hologram Girl Blade Runner 2049

This dynamic wallpaper features the hologram girl — one of the best representations of the sequel’s neo-noir aesthetics.

When this wallpaper is on, you might just find Cortana coming to life on your computer.


Rainmeter is one of the best dynamic wallpapers. First, it’s highly functional as It allows you to use a number of interactive widgets that generate information from the internet.

Second, the community behind Rainmeter is huge and there are hundreds of wallpapers and themes to choose from. You might like the audio visualizer that automatically comes on when you’re listening to music.

This is an open-source dynamic wallpaper, so if you have the right knowledge you can create your own themes and wallpapers.


Those who are into productivity should check out Fences. The dynamic wallpaper splits your screen into different areas to keep your shortcuts, apps, and folders neat and organized.

Each area can have a custom background, shades, color, etc. And they’re called fences because you can reposition them together with the content inside.

Furthermore, you can program each fence to behave like a drop-down window.

Awesome Wallpaper

If you’re running a dual or triple monitor setup, Awesome Wallpaper may be just what the doctor ordered. It supports a host of image and video formats, and it can display some system information too.

For example, you can find out the status of your RAM, drives, CPU, and more while you’re playing a game The downside is that you can’t limit the amount of information displayed.

A Beautiful Way to Save Your Screen

Screensavers or dynamic wallpapers, these customizations can totally take your user experience up a notch. Go on, find the aesthetics and functionality that work best for you.


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