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The mouse has been a big part of computer systems for decades. This trend isn’t likely to go away anytime soon, except maybe with laptop users who have learned to do without. And if you are a gamer, you may be able to switch to a joypad instead. For those who use the computer a lot for work (who doesn’t right?), they’re going to want to get a comfortable mouse.

Nowadays, wireless computer peripherals are way more popular, but there will always be a market for wired mice because of the higher speed and responsiveness. Here are some of the best wired mice available on the market at the moment.


Logitech B100

You won’t find a cheaper wired nongaming mouse on the market. If you’re wondering why has this one has made it here, it’s what many people are actually looking for.

People want a PC mouse that they can plug in and use immediately. And that’s what you get with the B100’s Plug & Play function. It’s also ambidextrous and will work on the vast majority of surfaces. The exception is glass surfaces, due to its red LED sensor. But you weren’t planning on using it on glass, were you?

The number of keys? Three. You get the left button, the right button, and the scroll wheel. It’s a regular three-buttoner.

Now, the average noise of the Logitech B100 is somewhere around 55dB. Its keystroke is rated at 57dB and the scroll wheel moves at 53dB. This is relatively loud. But if it doesn’t bother you, then you shouldn’t worry about it. The scroll wheel is also somewhat bulky, but that’s actually the preference of some people.

Furthermore, this mouse is surprisingly precise. It’s not going to be as good as high-end mice, but it performs great for its price.

And yes, this is the kind of mouse to get if you’re not all that particular. You still need a good responsive mouse, though, and the Logitech B100 can be the one.

It’s far from jaw-dropping and it doesn’t come with any advanced features. But if you need a wired mouse that can do the job and do it with competence, the Logitech B100 may just be what you’re looking for.

VicTsing Wired Mouse

Most nongaming mice feature around 800-1000 DPI, which is solid. However, there is a noticeable difference when you put these mice against one that boasts 1200 DPI. Now, most gaming mice feature this kind of DPI because it’s essential for an effective gaming experience, especially online.

And although this isn’t a mouse built for gaming, theVicTsing Wired Mouse brings 1200 DPI to the table, and it means business. If you ever thought that 1200 DPI for an office mouse is overkill, you haven’t worked with one. There is quite a notable difference and going from 1200 DPIs back to 800-1000 does not feel nice. After you’ve tasted the 1200 DPI, you’re going to stay there.

These days, people tend to see the lack of extra functions as a downside, but sometimes less is more. This goes especially for office mice. Those packed with an extensive number of buttons can get annoying when you’re working in Excel, Word, or doing anything serious. One wrong click of a button and you can end up redirected somewhere. This can range from annoying to problematic

The VicTsing wired model features three buttons –left and right clicks and a scroll button in the middle. That’s how simple it is. And people love it for it.

You also get an ergonomic design, comfort, solid grip, and a long lifespan.

TeckNet Pro

You’d think that the more DPI you get, the merrier, but sometimes, there can be too much DPI. With office mice, anywhere between 1000 and 2000 DPI is ideal, but it isn’t ideal for every situation. There are moments, especially when working on large screens and multiple screens, where you’d like to have the best of both worlds.

The TeckNet Pro comes with a DPI switch that can help you conveniently switch between 1000 and 2000 DPI at any moment. This is a very useful perk that not many office wired mice can brag about.

Then, there’s the TeckNet Tru-Wave technology. It’s an optical technology that helps this device perform perfectly on any surface out there. This makes it very convenient for working from various cafés, for example.

This mouse isn’t really ambidextrous, but it’s surprisingly comfortable when used with the left hand. The ergonomic shape is clearly fitted for right-handed people, but at least using the scroll when operating the device with your left hand isn’t awkward at all.

Another cool thing about this model is that you don’t need to install any additional software in order to use it properly. Plug it in and use it instantly.

The TeckNet Pro features a total of six buttons. In addition to the scroll wheel, and the left and right buttons, there are a DPI switch and the backward and forward buttons.

Verbatim Optical Mouse

The Verbatim Optical Mouse is absolutely brilliant for office use, mainly because it’s dirt cheap. You won’t find a product coming from such a reputable company as Verbatim, not at this price.

For the money, the mouse doesn’t look bad, either. It features a combination of a glossy and matte finish and a contoured design.

Oh, and this little guy is incredibly precise. Definitely more than you’d expect. The Verbatim Optical Mouse owes this to a 3D optical mouse technology, which allows high-res tracking.

It has three buttons, and that’s more than enough for non-gaming use. You get the left and right clicks, and the clickable scroll wheel.

Additionally, this one is also plug-and-play. This means that all you need to use this mouse is to plug it in. No software or firmware updates.

Coolerplus FC112

If all you need is a mouse that you’ll be using for e-learning, work, and some basic browsing, The Coolerplus FC112 can be a great choice. It’s not going to win any DPI awards, but 1000 DPI is fairly decent.

And, honestly, for the money, you get a solid piece of equipment that looks pretty great. The mouse is decorated with a rainbow light design on the edges, which gives it a very modern vibe. It’s not anything over the top, either, and the light decorations are very tasteful.

It also has plug-and-play technology, so you don’t have to think about installing any software. It’s fairly comfortable, precise, and offers easy selection, which is all that you can really ask from a simple, affordable office mouse.

Of course, you get three mouse buttons, including a rubber scroll that’s very satisfying to use.

Best Wired Mice on the Market

These four mice can work for all but they also have their own niche. You can use every one of these for casual gaming, but that’s not exactly the focus here. If you’re looking for a mouse for non-gaming use, you can’t go wrong with any of these four.

The first step, however, is to decide how much you’re going to spend on a wired mouse.


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