Computrace LoJack Review

CompuTrace is a software that’s integrated with a wide range of laptops. The software is designed to track a stolen laptop, and provide local authorities with the information they need to help get it back.

As part of this initiative, the CompuTrace stolen laptop recovery service is offered for a period of 4 years from the date of purchase, and stays intact even when the hard drive on the program laptop has been reformatted or replaced.

CompuTrace in recent years has been replaced with LoJack – software that does more than just providing information to local police, but also can remotely track a stolen laptop on a map, delete files from it, and lock it.

Conceived in 1993, Absolute – short for the Absolute Software Corporation is a company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia that owns and embeds the CompuTrace LoJack technology into devices to return devices to an original state of safety and efficacy.

Computrace LoJack Review

Computrace LoJack for Laptops Premium 3 Years [Online Code]

Computrace LoJack for Laptops Premium 3 Years [Online Code]
  • Use GPS or wi-fi geolocation to display your laptop's location on a map
  • Use Device Lock to block your computer remotely, denying potential identity thieves' access to your computer and personal data
  • Data Delete feature helps prevent costly and traumatic identity theft by remotely deleting certain sensitive files, personal photos, financial data, and stored passwords
  • We use our patented technology and experienced Theft Recovery Team to find your stolen laptop, then work with local law enforcement to get it back for you.
  • If we cannot find and return your stolen laptop, we'll give you up to $1000 to buy a new one

Research shows that more than 500,000 laptops are stolen each year, and if you’re looking to safeguard your device from theft, installing and activating Computrace LoJack can help recover the device as well as remotely erase a stolen system’s entire hard disk with a few clicks.

When a laptop is stolen, the first thing a user does is proactively report the theft to their local law enforcement agency. But recovering stolen laptops or most devices for that matter is not an easy task for police, and in fact a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Dell Computer indicates that less than 30 percent of roughly 120,000 stolen laptops from airports each week are recovered.

Brought to you by the Absolute Software Corporation, Computrace LoJack for Laptops is available for both Mac and PC’s, and supports several different operating system versions including Microsoft Windows XP Home, Apple Macintosh OS X version 10.3 or higher and Vista Business among others.

How Does Computrace LoJack Work?

Once you successful install the software on your laptop, it will automatically ring a computer in Vancouver to register it in the system with the laptops serial number, and your details and password. That’s it – now you can grab a latte and wait for it to be stolen.

In the event it does stroll out of your office, home, hotel room or trunk of your vehicle, you dial the 800-number or go to another computer to report it stolen, and the Computrace LoJack recovery team springs into action, and lists it on Absolute Software’s “most wanted” list.

It is worth mentioning that the whole time your laptop with the installed and activated Computrace LoJack has been sitting at your home or office has been in constant touch with the head server office in Vancouver. So, when your laptop is reported stolen, its status is flagged and automatically pops up on the recovery team’s screen.

Within a matter of seconds, the software tries to track the wayward laptop via three different ways – first is to trace the address with the phone number the laptop is using to get online in the case of dial-up modems,

Second is locating the street address where the IP address is installed with the cooperation of the internet service provider if it’s a broadband connection the bandits are using to get online; the last tracking method is a secret that even the company’s CEO won’t reveal.

The Computrace LoJack recovery team does not employ traditional tech customer service agents, but is made up of all ex-cops – most of them from the Vancouver police department. When informed about the theft, this team gets in touch with local law enforcement, and directs them to the location of the purloined device.

Speaking of law enforcement, you’re probably wondering if they’re keen on fetching stolen laptops given low success rate of property theft. But this is not any ordinary device theft, it’s a device that’s embedded with an electronic chip that provides sure-shot information to the device’s exact location.

Adding to this, police personnel are also aware that in 5 percent of stolen laptop cases, other criminal activity was being conducted such as a chop-shop location with drugs and weapons, so the payoff from a small laptop recovery mission could be worth headlines in leading news publications.

But that’s not all – this little, robust laptop antitheft software can even withstand the entire stripping and reformatting of the laptop’s hard disk, so regardless of how smart thieves are, it always a few steps ahead.

Given its proven performance, many esteemed computer manufacturers including Gateway, Lenovo, IBM and Dell are embedding Computrace LoJack recovery chips into their system boards, so even if the device does go missing, it will still be well equipped to make that SOS call.

Who is This Product For?

The Computrace LoJack software is an ideal choice for all types of organizations, and organizations big and small looking to protect almost any Windows or Mac computer from data and physical device theft.

It can be had in a choice of two versions – standard and premium editions, which add a few more key features to the list such as the data delete option, and a $1,000 service guarantee that entitles victims of computer theft to receive up to $1,000 if the Computrace LoJack-enabled systems aren’t recovered.

Overview of Features

GPS or Wi-Fi geolocation laptop discovery

The software can display the laptop’s location on a map using GPS or wi-fi geolocation.

Stealth operation

One of the noteworthy features of the software is that it works in the backdrop, and does not in any way affect the system performance or internet or network bandwidth.


The software is compatible with both Mac and PC systems, making it easy to protect the device you have from theft.

Highly experienced recovery team

Having a team that consists of former police agents means that this is a serious piece of software that provides a remarkable recovery rate.

$1,000 guarantee (Premium Edition)

Another great reason for installing Computrace LoJack is that you really have nothing to lose, but are compensated with up to $1,000 in the event your laptop cannot be recovered.

Remote data delete

This helps prevent identity and data theft, given that most users tend to store photos, financial data, passwords on their laptops.

Recovery rate

The company claims to have recovered an astounding 28,000+ devices in over 100 countries worldwide. In terms of numbers, that’s a whopping $29 million in stolen property returned to their owners.


Laptops aren’t cheap devices, and definitely not the type that you should be replacing often. Considering that the rate of theft of these devices is spiraling out of control, it is wise to spend a few more dollars to ensure its protected against both physical and data theft. And the best way to do is with the Computrace LoJack software.

This software – available in standard and premium editions – steps it up a few notches by not only alerting police of the exact whereabouts of your device, but also offers award-worthy features such as remote data deletion, and best of all an up to $1,000 replacement guarantee in case it fails to return the laptop to its owner.

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