How to Keep Your Computer Awake

It can be a bother to see the screensaver come up or your computer going to sleep soon after you start a movie or take a break at work. And if it bothers you enough, you might want to take steps to keep it awake for longer. How to keep your computer awake, you might be wondering.

Fortunately, you can change your computer’s settings. If you can’t access settings for any reason, we also have two of the best alternatives ready.


How to Keep Your Computer Awake – Windows Solutions

If you need to prevent the screen saver from popping up, you should first look into your computer’s settings. You can play with Power and Windows settings if you can access the app. Some companies don’t let employees change any vital system settings, but for the following sections, we will assume that you have the permission.

Change Power Settings

First, you should look into your computer’s Power settings. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, click on the Settings entry, and go to the System section. Next, select the “Power & sleep” entry from the menu on the left side of the window.

There, you will be able to select how long you want your screen to stay on. The default is 10 minutes, though you can set it anywhere between one minute and five hours. “Never” means that you’re disabling the screensaver.

In the Sleep section, you can choose how long the PC will wait before going to sleep. Most of the time, the timer is 30 minutes. Standard options include periods from one minute to five hours. By selecting “Never,” you will disable Sleep mode.

You can also customize your computer’s power plan if you click on the “Additional power settings” link.

Change Windows Settings

If your computer asks for the password when it wakes up or turns off the screensaver, you will need to change some Windows settings. This time, you will need the Accounts tab in the Settings app. Press the Windows button on the keyboard and click on Settings. After that, click on Accounts.

In the Accounts tab, go to Sign-in options. Scroll down to the “Require sign-in” section. Click on the dropdown menu and select the “Never” option. Going forward, the computer won’t ask you for the password when it wakes up.

It is important to note that you will need admin rights to change these settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access them.


Unfortunately, you can’t always change Windows and Power settings on your desktop PC or laptop. So, how to keep your computer awake? If you’re on your company’s computer, you might have the admin rights needed to make such changes. That’s how the company can silently monitor your productivity.

And it’s also why it’s essential to have one of the two following alternatives. Mouse Jiggler is a discrete program that can fool your system without getting you in trouble. Mouse Mover is a device that physically moves your mouse. It is less discrete, but it works great. There’s no trace of it in your OS.

WiebeTech Programmable Mouse Jiggler

WiebeTech Programmable Mouse Jiggler is one of the best alternatives you can use if you can’t change your power or Windows settings for whatever reason. It’s a minute piece of software that doesn’t need too much of your computer’s resources.

Also, it has excellent operating system compatibility, all popular Windows systems included. If you’re using it on a computer that runs Windows Server, you will need the 2003 version or newer.

This software tool is very easy to get on your computer, as well. Once you get Mouse Jiggle on your system, you only need to activate it when you need to leave your computer. The program icon will appear in the taskbar, and your mouse pointer will start moving discreetly – it will begin to jiggle. That will prevent the screensaver from activating and alerting your system admin.

On the other hand, if you find the constant movement on the screen bothersome, you Mouse Jiggle has a Zen mode. When you activate this mode, the mouse pointer disappears from the screen and moves to the background. However, it continues moving, keeping your computer awake.

This mode is an excellent alternative if you’re watching movies. Also, if you’re giving a presentation in the office and you hook up your monitor to a projector, the fluttering cursor might distract your colleagues.

The best thing about this program is that you don’t need admin privileges on your computer to use it. That means that you won’t arouse the management’s suspicion. Also, you don’t need to install it, which means easy use.

This neat piece of software comes on a tiny USB flash drive and is affordable too. Also, you can customize it by changing the color of the LED indicator from within the software. With this little USB, you won’t have to download anything. Plug it into any computer running a compatible OS, and you’re good to go.


  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Doesn’t need admin privileges
  • Zen mode for seamless operation
  • Programmable LED light
  • Light on system resources


The standard mode activates on-screen controls of some programs

Liberty Mouse Mover

Mouse Mover devices have been around for quite a while. This one, in particular, is the third iteration of Liberty’s Mouse Mover. It brings the same core idea and working principle and an updated design.

Liberty’s Mouse Mover is not a particularly small device, as it is designed to hold your computer’s mouse. It also needs an external power source for the power adapter. You won’t have to use your computer’s USB and put an unnecessary burden on your OS.

This method has another upside. If you work from home, your company probably installed some form of mouse tracking software on it. With the Liberty Mouse Mover, the tracking software can’t detect anything. That’s because you won’t have to install the standalone Mouse Mover.

That said, if you’re working in an office, you should opt for a more discrete option. A manager could easily detect a rather peculiar device on your table.

Another advantage of the standalone design is that you don’t have to worry about operating system compatibility. This Liberty Mouse Mover works with all. However, there are caveats regarding mouse compatibility. Namely, you will have to be using a wireless and optical mouse. Also, it can’t be too big as 4-5/8” is the biggest that the device can accommodate.

The device is made of plastic, featuring a mouse pad in the center. The pad is textured and with a hole in the center to help movement recognition. The power cord houses the only control — an On/Off switch. Once you switch the Mouse Mover on, it works on its own. It will move your mouse in a random pattern.

One of the best things about the Mouse Mover is that it’s designed and manufactured in the United States. It is not the cheapest option on the market, but the build quality is excellent.


  • Not traceable by mouse monitoring software
  • Ideal for work from home
  • Excellent build quality
  • Works with any operating system


Not suitable for office use


Now you know how to keep your computer awake in all situations. If you have access to your computer’s settings, that should be your first option. If not, you can go with WiebeTech’s Mouse Jiggler or Liberty’s Mouse Mover.

The former is ideal for office settings. It’s a no-installation software that simulates mouse movement. It even has a discreet Zen mode. The latter can be a life-saver for those working remotely. It is sturdy, reliable, and entirely untraceable.


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